Culture & Wildlife Gay Tour – 11 Days

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Let yourself be carried away by an amusing and enriching experience with our exclusive program that covers the most outstanding places of Peru but visiting them in a not so conventional way. We start in the City of Kings, Lima where we can learn about colonial Peru and the museum of famous photographer Mario Testino, […]
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We have a expert team of travel specialists, who have all turned their passion for travel into a vocation. Between them, they have visited nearly every corner of Peru and Bolivia.


We curate tailor-made, truly individual travel experiences for our clients. View Latin America approach leaves our travellers with unforgettable memories.


At every stage of your holiday, from inception to conclusion, a View Latin America hand will be there to guide you.


View Latin America is the Operator of all your experiences in Peru and Bolivia, This ensures a seamless holiday experience.


• Suggested arrival flight: 14:00 pm
• Maximum altitude: Lima City – 5 masl/ 16.4 ft.
• Meals included: Dinner.
Upon your arrival at Lima (5 mts/16.4 ft), you will be greeted by our amiable View Latin America representative whom will explain you all need to know about this dreamy destination. We will accompany you in our private vehicle to the hotel of your choice and revise your itinerary on the way. Your hotel will be located either in Miraflores or Barranco, the most bohemian, hippest and gay-centered neighborhoods in Lima, packed with gourmet restaurants, bars and clubs. At night, we had prepared a delightful and special dinner at a glamorous restaurant so you can enjoy the exquisite Peruvian cuisine and relish before your exciting escapade.


After a sumptuous breakfast at your hotel, prepare to explore the diverse Lima highlights where the colonial and contemporary merge. Today your Lima City experience will start with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean from El Parque del Amor (The Park of Love) at Miraflores (79 mts/259.2 ft), and then continue to the modern neighborhood of San Isidro (109 mts/357.6 ft) with its traditional park El Olivar and its large traditional Tudor-style houses where we can see the influence of the British Colony in this zone of the city. Then we will head to Lima downtown, where we can appreciate the Government Palace, the Cathedral and other buildings with colonial architecture, the balconies of Arabian influence that form part of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Our route will continue to the Monastery of San Francisco where you will visit its famous, eerie Catacombs containing thousands of skeletons of wealthy people that were buried here in the belief that their sins would be forgiven. Right after, we will head to Barranco district (64 mts/209.9 ft) where MATE museum (pronounced mAH-teh) is located. MATE aims to bring Peruvian artists and culture to worldwide attention. Its founder Mario Testino, is one of the most recognized Peruvian photographer and also part of the gay community, widely regarded as one of the most influential and well-known fashion and portrait photographers of our time. Testino is known for his portraits of international icons including Kate Moss, Diana Princess of Wales, Gisele Bündchen, and aside to collaborate for brands from Gucci, Versace and Michael Kors to Chanel.
Once you have been enthralled by this experience, it is time to have your lunch at a gourmet and elegant atmosphere in one of the best restaurants in this City of Kings. Afterwards the rest of the day is yours to explore by your own or just take some rest. By the evening, we have made reservations at a first class restaurant for you, enjoy the precious evening with astonishing views of Lima city and let yourself be carried away by the allure of this magical coastal city.

• Pick up time: 09:00 am
• Drop off time: 14:00 pm
• Minimum altitude: Barranco district – 64 masl/ 209.9 ft.
• Maximum altitude: San Isidro district – 109 masl/ 357.6 ft.
• Difficulty: Easy.
• Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


• Pick up time: 10:00 am
• Drop off time: 14:00 pm
• Difficulty: Easy.
• Meals included: Breakfast and dinner.

Today, we will have an especial journey ahead of us, by the late morning we will pick you up and to embark in drive on the West Coast direction.
Paracas is one of Ica’s districts and a paradise where the desert and ocean come together creating wonderful views in the process.

After a 3 hour drive we will finally arrive to your lush and comfortable resort. After you have organized your time pick up for the following day adventure the rest of the day is yours to enjoy at your leisure, we recommend you to indulge in some spa treatments at your hotel or perhaps take a way along the precious Paracas bay.


The arise today must be early as we have a busy schedule with wonderful experiences. After you have enjoyed an exquisite breakfast we will head toward the Marvelous Ballestas Island the allowed parts of the National Reserve of Paracas that are accessible for people to see where we will take a boat trip to watch the best maritime wild-life of Peru. Once there we will be able to watch marine birds firstly such as: penguins, pelican seabirds, beautiful flamingos and so much more.

This part of the ocean of the Peruvian west coast is rich due to the cold current of Humboldt. As we reach the islands, the sea lions and penguins will be the first animals whom will caught our attention and being the protagonists of this experience. When we have finish our amazing boat tour, we will then take the route for about 3 hours on the Nazca airport direction to uncover the Nazca lines mysteries. Once there you will be given a few instruction and then you are ready to overfly and be marvel at the gigantic figures that had been engraved in the dessert dating from 2000 years ago. Although there had been various theories relating to the purposes of these lines, they are still a great mystery to these days.
During the flight your guide will provide more details about the theories, previous and ongoing studies about this enigmatic lines. Upon your landing, your private transportation will be awaiting you to head back to the city of kings. On our arrival 5 hours later, make the most of your free evening and enjoy at your leisure.

• Pick up time: 10:00 am
• Drop off time: 14:00 pm
• Difficulty: Easy.
• Meals included: Breakfast and dinner.
• Note: To avoid long distances you may ask to overfly the Nazca Lines from Paracas airport for an extra cost.


• Suggested departure flight: 09:00 am approx.
• Drop off time: 18:00 pm
• Minimum altitude: Urubamba Town – 2871 masl/ 9419.3 ft.
• Maximum altitude: Cusco City – 3400 masl/ 11154.9 ft.
• Difficulty: Easy to Moderate.
• Meals included: Breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner.

Another day of this ideal journey starts early in the morning with your pick up from your hotel and transfer you to Lima airport in order to take your flight to Cusco. Upon your arrival to Cusco (3400 mts/11154.9 ft) once again, you will be greeted by our professional guide and be transferred to the dazzling Sacred Valley which is The Sacred Valley is the perfect place to unwind and explore. It has an incredible scenery decorated by terraced mountains and snow-capped peaks, you will be totally enchanted by the traditional Andean way of life!
Firstly, we will stop by an exhibition of South American camelids, here you will find vicuñas, guanacos, alpacas and llamas. This is certainly a unique experience, learning more about these peculiar animals, feeding them and taking lots of pictures in the process. Then, we will move towards the town of Pisac (2972 mts/9750.7 ft) where you will have a succulent lunch made of organic products grown on the Sacred Valley. Afterwards, we will visit Pisac market and meander down through its cobblestone streets and have a brief tour, after that you can have the chance to chat with the locals and buy some handcrafts souvenirs, you will find handmade products made of fine alpaca fiber and some beautiful pieces of jewelry. Also, the perfect time to test your bargaining skills and practice your spanish!

Besides this colorful market, you will have a guided tour of the impressive Pisac ruins (3300 mts/10826.8 ft) complex. In this enigmatic enclosure, you will find superimposed terraces, ceremonial baths, a residential settlement and the largest Inca cemetery (the oldest in South America). To finalize this rewarding day, we will travel to Urubamba (2871 mts/9419.3 ft). Here you will find a unique town, and a soothing getaway. At night we made reservations at a pleasant restaurant in this quaint town where you will be delighted with the organic cuisine. The rest of the evening is yours to explore. Perhaps take the opportunity to indulge in the restorative massages or explore around by your own.


Continuing this vibrant venture, we will initiate in the morning and lead you to Urubamba train station in order to embark on an unforgettable train ride to Machu Picchu on board of the high-end Sacred Valley train. The experience starts upon your arrival at the station, where you will be greeted with an Andean infusion to enjoy in the Observatory Bar Car while you delight yourself with the astonishing landscape of this quaint Valley. During the 3 hours ride you will sense how the fresh and pure air fills you and impregnate you with its peculiar fragrance, taking some beautiful photos along the way.

In route you will be served a 3 course gourmet lunch specially prepared, accompanied by a glass of wine and delicate petits fours. Definitely one of the most exclusive and luxurious route to reach one of the World Wonders. Upon your arrival to Aguas Calientes Town (2070 mts/6791.3 ft), you will be greeted and escorted to your hotel. This town is practically an isolated area as it is separated from all roads, surrounded by mountains, cliffs, rivers and an imposing cloud forest.

The rest of the evening is yours to enjoy and explore as you desire around the town, perhaps going to the artisanal market where you can find great diversity of handcrafts and souvenirs, visiting the Manuel Chavez Ballon museum which houses tools that were unearthed from the Inca Citadel, or just walking around this vehicle-free village. At an appropriate time in the afternoon, you have included the entrance to Aguas Calientes hotsprings, whose temperature varies from 38°C/100°F to 46°C/114°F.
Healing properties are attributed to these thermal springs; and also represent a relaxing experience surrounded by lush vegetation and imposing mountains. Once you had finished exploring the town and relishing on the hotsprings, it’s time for a delectable dinner in this charming town.

• Pick up time: 08:45 am
• Drop off time: 13:34 pm (depends on train schedule)
• Minimum altitude: Aguas Calientes Town – 2070 masl/ 6791.3 ft.
• Maximum altitude: Urubamba Town – 2871 masl/ 9419.3 ft.
• Difficulty: Easy to Moderate.
• Meals included: Breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner.
• Notes: Sacred Valley train does not operate the first Sunday of each month.


• Pick up time: 07:00 am approx.
• Drop off time: 21:56 pm (depends on train schedule)
• Minimum altitude: Aguas Calientes Town – 2070 masl/ 6791.3 ft.
• Maximum altitude: Cusco City – 3400 masl/ 11154.9 ft.
• Difficulty: Easy to Moderate.
• Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, Hiram Bingham tea time and dinner on board.

Today is the day where your dream of visiting Machu Picchu is realized! To begin this exciting day, enjoy a nourishing breakfast at your hotel early this morning. Afterwards, our expert guide will pick you up in order to catch the bus up to the citadel for a 30 mins ride and, if weather allows it, see the sunrise over this Lost City of the Incas. Sometimes and especially in high season (April to July) we will have to be patient as the queues are longer than expected, but with the help of your guide and a bit of good humor there is nothing impossible!
When visiting Machu Picchu (2430 mts/7972.4 ft) you will feel the magic that still linger in every construction and complex. It shows a magnificent citadel hidden on the Mountains and the vast valleys, indeed a Lost City of the Incas, our well-informed guide will teach you about the magnificent theories about the purpose of Machu Picchu, the history of its buildings and the millenary culture of the Incas.

Following the tour, you have time to lose yourself in the dizzying heights and history whilst you meander along the ancient paths. When you have already accomplished your tour, a delightful lunch at Belmond Sanctuary Lodge hotel is included with our fascinating program. Following your lunch, we will return to Aguas Calientes Town where you will board the train back to Cusco. Next, we will wait for the exclusive tea time included with your Hiram Bingham train service where you can share your fascinating experiences and impressions with other travelers before departing to Aguas Calientes town.

Lastly, we will board our selected train inspired by the exclusive Pullman wagons of the twenties, the Hiram Bingham train back to Poroy train station, during the journey you will relish with the sophisticated dinner on board and the bar car, where you can enjoy the wonderful route accompanied by a Peruvian cocktail and local live music shows. After your arrival to Cusco (3400 mts/11154.9 ft), you will be transferred back by our View Latin America representative in our private vehicle for a 40 mins ride towards your hotel.


We had specially prepared a different way to discover Cusco for today where you will have a taste of this Imperial City. Since the previous day there was a lot of arousing emotions involved, today you will have all morning to rest or wander around the city at your own pace. At a reasonable time, you will be transferred to a high-end restaurant located nearby the Main Square so you can enjoy lovely views while you please your palate with a mixture of delicious flavors.

After your lunch, our friendly guide will meet you for an incredible journey through the most eye-catching attractives of Cusco, starting with the Archaeological Center of Sacsayhuaman (3700 mts/12139.1 ft), which due to its location on the top of the city, it is believed that it served as a fortress; but according to several chroniclers, the site was built as Temple of the Sun. Then, you will be lead to the bustling San Pedro Market, which is a picturesque and cheerful local market. It offers several shopping options for local people and foreign visitors, from exotic fruit juices, fresh meat, traditional vegetables, herbs, food and miscellaneous souvenirs. After this amazing tour, you will have some time to wander around and explore this typical market on your own.

Once you have finished, you will return to the Main Square and access to the Cathedral for your visit, this construction brings together gothic, mannerist and baroque styles. It has splendid altars of both renaissance and neoclassical style, it also houses magnificent works of cusquenian crafts, an exquisite wooden-carved pulpit and a collection of the famous Escuela Cusqueña canvases.
Later on, you will have a brief explanation of the Main Square or Plaza de Armas and its surroundings, where you will find history, culture and a throbbing nightlife. Enjoy your last night at this enchanting city at a special fine cuisine restaurant, with a farewell dinner appreciating the ravishing nuances of this glittering city.

• Pick up time: 12:30 pm approx.
• Drop off time at your restaurant: 19:00 pm approx.
• Minimum altitude: Cusco City – 3400 masl/ 11154.9 ft.
• Maximum altitude: Sacsayhuaman archaeological site - 3700 masl/ 12139.1 ft.
• Difficulty: Easy.
• Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
• Notes:
-We also have different tour options like Peruvian cooking classes, Street photography tour, Outdoor painting lessons and more!


• Suggested departure flight: 12:00 pm
• Minimum altitude: Puerto Maldonado – 180 masl/ 11154.9 ft.
• Maximum altitude: Cusco City – 3400 masl/ 11154.9 ft.
• Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and diner
• Note: Consider that in the jungle you will encounter a tropical weather.

As our tour continues, it is time to explore more of Peru’s wildlife but this time in the jungle. When you have finished breakfast at your hotel, a View Peru representative will be waiting to transfer you to the airport for you to catch your flight to Puerto Maldonado.
Upon your arrival you will welcome into the cheerful city by another representative, whom will take from the airport to the port to begin with this new and adventurous journey as you embark in a 40 min boat ride down the Madre de Dios river that will lead you toward your beautiful lodge. You will be warmly welcome when you first enter the lodge and give a fresh beverage, and then you can finally settle in your comfortable and cozy room.

Later on by the afternoon, the excitement of your first encounter with the Peruvian jungle will ne growing as you start you’re first a la carte activity you have chosen. By the evening, you will enjoy of a la carte dinner at your lodge restaurants the menu will include delicious dishes made with fresh local ingredients. After dinner enjoy a peaceful night of sleep surrounded by pure nature.

DAY 10

After a soundly night of sleep accompanied by the comforting sounds of the jungle, you will arise to an exquisite breakfast of fresh and local food. Later on, you will embark on incredible adventures. There you will have plenty of activities between quarter, half and full day ones such as gaminata creek, Lake Sandoval, canopy walkway, an anaconda walk, even have a rainforest night walk and so much more. Many of the activities allow you to witness the fascinating wildlife and the 590 species that live on the Tambopata National Reserve. Enjoy the beauty, sounds, scents, vibrant colors and the peacefulness of the rainforest.
• Suggested departure flight: 12:00 pm
• Minimum altitude: Puerto Maldonado – 180 masl/ 11154.9 ft.
• Maximum altitude: Puerto Maldonado – 180 masl/ 11154.9 ft.

DAY 11

• Suggested departure flight: 12:00 pm
• Minimum altitude: Puerto Maldonado – 180 masl/ 11154.9 ft.
After you enjoyed your last breakfast, the inevitable farewell must occur. At the most suitable time you will taking in a boat ride back to Puerto Maldonado, once there you will be driven to the airport to take your flight to Lima and start your journey to return home.

Notes: If you are interested in extend your trip to another Peru destination, please feel free to contact us since we do offer romantic extensions to, Mancora Beach, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia and more.






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